After much consideration, I have decided to eventually discontinue my website.

Until November 24, 2015, you will be able to reach the site via amethyst-night.com links.

Until June 1, 2016, the site will be available by replacing "amethyst-night.com" with

I will NOT be deleting files in the forseeable future once the site has gone offline. For my Fanfic Refuge authors, if you wish to have the html files, please feel free to email me and let me know; I'll be happy to send them to you in a .zip file.

You can email me at fc(insert underscore)jenn AT hotmail DOT com

It's been a great ride, but as life evolves, so must other things; I have enjoyed maintaining the site, but I find I don't have many additions anymore to justify the costs.

Thank you. =)

Here's what you'll find in the sections to the right:


joined are the ones I've joined
collective are the ones I own

celtic names

a listing of names from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany


all things Kurland, including some fun stuff and the fanlisting

fanfic refuge

for the fanfic homeless; primarily Highlander fanfic, but some other fandoms are here too.

raven's nest

home of Highlander: The Raven things ... fanfic, soundclips, episode guide ...


born out of flame wars on one of the original Highlander fan messageboards, our Clan doings and info still remain.


ever after - movie .mp3 soundclips from Ever After
mohicans - movie .mp3 soundclips from The Last of the Mohicans
prbride - movie .mp3 soundclips from The Princess Bride
scotsman - the song and lyrics to The Scotsman Song
spike bytes - mainly .wav soundclips of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, however there is also a section of other characters quotes


avatars/icons - 100x100 images for profile pics or what-have-you; I don't generally add to this area anymore, but I have a ton more at my livejournal
ewan - my Ewan McGregor shrine that I haven't had time to keep up with
graphics - background images and some .css layouts that I also haven't kept up with
methoschronicles - transcripts and stills of the short-lived online cartoon of "The Methos Chronicles", featuring Methos from Highlander
wallpapers - stuff to make your computer desktop pretty, not my bestest work, but s'okay
webshots album 1 - not sure what's there anymore, I don't care for webshots anymore
webshots album 2 - not sure what's there besides some travel pics

shop- at cafepress.com

medieval shop - medieval themed products
kilts forever shop - Feileachan gu Brath!
dragonfly shop - a handful of products with dragonflies

designed by me

Emit's HL Quick Fixes - rhyming recaps of every episode of Highlander: The Series and other fun stuffs
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celtic names

fanfic refuge
raven's nest

ever after
spike bytes

webshots album 1
webshots album 2

medieval shop
kilts forever shop
dragonfly shop

designed by me:
Emit's HL Quick Fixes

sapphire dreams

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